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Tooth Extraction

Row of wooden tooth shapes, one of which is being pulled out of the row by dental pliersThe thought of having a tooth pulled might fill you with dread, but it is really nothing to worry about. Getting a tooth pulled is actually a painless procedure, and you will feel better without a badly damaged or decaying tooth in your mouth.

Removing a tooth is quite common in dentistry. If you need a tooth removed for any reason, the dentists at All Star Dental & Implant Center will be able to help you out and make sure that you will be able to recover.

The procedure is not what you think

Rather than feeling every painful movement as a dentist tries to get a good grip on your tooth, you will instead be numbed with some form of anesthesia, and the process is simple. Teeth are not just removed because of cavities or oral hygiene issues either. Sometimes removing teeth is the result of crowding, infection, or even due to chemotherapy treatments.

How to prepare for a tooth extraction

The first thing you will need to do is clear your mind of any misconceptions going into it. You will be given anesthesia before the procedure, and you can take general anesthesia to sleep through the entire thing. Being nervous about it will not make it any less necessary, and once it is done you will have a healthier mouth!

We will take an x-ray of your tooth and make sure to understand any conditions you might have that could affect how the procedure goes. Once everything is stable, you will come in for the appointment and we will put you under.

Two types of tooth extractions

There are two types of tooth extractions that you can get. The first is a simple extraction that puts you under general anesthesia, then we loosen the tooth and pull it out with forceps. It is the most common procedure and the one that works for people with visible damage.

A surgical extraction requires you to have either general anesthesia or anesthesia given to you through an IV. Then we will cut into your gum and remove your tooth surgically. These surgical extractions only happen to patients who need teeth in the back of the mouth removed. A common extraction like this is your wisdom teeth. If we cannot access the damaged tooth, then we will need to remove the tooth surgically.

It is not that hard

Most people get antsy around tooth extractions because they think it will hurt, but we do everything possible to numb the pain or have you sleep through it. We want you to be the most relaxed and comfortable as possible. Once the damaged or infected tooth is out, you will be on your way to a much healthier smile.

While tooth extractions can be a bit nervewracking for most people, we do our best to talk you through the procedure and help answer any questions you might have. If you need a tooth pulled, then call All Star Dental & Implant Center at (808) 808-1606 and we will be sure to get you scheduled and ready for an appointment to get that tooth out of your mouth!

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