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3D rendered xray of a skull with the TMJ highlightedIf a joint has a name like temporomandibular, then you probably expect it to be something big and important with your overall mouth health. However, that joint is just the joint that connects your jawbone to the rest of your skull. It is the one joint that allows your jaw to move and lets you eat, speak, and yawn. When something is wrong with it, we at All Star Dental & Implant Center do not take it lightly and want to ensure the proper care is received.

The problems with your jaw joint are often called a temporomandibular disorder (TMD) and TMJ is simply just the name of the joint. These issues can usually be fixed easily.

Looking at TMD

We do not know what causes TMD, but the joint is quite delicate for something so important to your overall mouth health. Mostly, an injury to your head or neck that can cause TMD as well as clenching of your face and grinding of your teeth. If you are putting pressure on your jaw, then you can aggravate the joint.

TMD’s main symptom is pain. It can be on one or both sides of your face, and it can often hurt to talk, chew, and move your jaw. You might also have some swelling and sounds of popping in your jaw which can be painful.

How to Fix it

When you come to visit us, our dentists will often give you some form of pain reliever medication to get rid of the pain. Additionally, we might also give you a muscle relaxer and give you a mouthguard.

If grinding your teeth is aggravating your TMD, a nightguard might help you with sleep grinding, and a splint can help you stop grinding your teeth in the daytime. Other medical solutions can include laser therapy, electrotherapy, and ultrasound waves, all with the goal of relieving pain and helping you move your jaw.

Surgery for TMD

If the normal treatments are not helping you, then we can do some types of surgeries to help improve your pain.

The first surgery Arthrocentesis is done by numbing your mouth and helps to relieve locked jaws. We will put needles into your TMJ joint and wash it out, before attempting to unstick the joint and get it back to normal again.

Arthroscopy is the second type of surgery, and it lets us see inside your joint through a cut near your ear. We will be able to see exactly what is going on inside and help fix the problem with your disk.

Both of these procedures can be done in the office, and both are minimally invasive. They also usually have little down time associated with them.

If you are dealing with the painful and debilitating effects of TMD problems, then you need help right away. Our dentists are standing by and are ready to help you out, so please call All Star Dental & Implant Center at (808) 808-1606 and we will be able to help you answer any questions or concerns. Whether you need medication or surgery, our team of dentists will do whatever it takes to get rid of your pain.

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