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Root Canal

3D rendered cross-section view of a tooth and its rootsThis is easily one of the more common dental procedures done at a dentist’s office, but how many people actually know what one is? At All Star Dental & Implant Center we have found that not a lot of people know about root canals.

A root canal treatment happens when the root of your tooth gets damaged. If the root gets too damaged then the entire tooth could be lost, almost like when the roots of a tree get too damaged. If the pulp inside of your root canal is inflamed or otherwise infected, then you will need a root canal treatment.

Fixing a Root Canal

If you have pain while biting down or chewing, mouth sensitivity to extreme temperatures, or swollen and decaying gums, then you most likely have an issue with your root canal. We will be able to tell you more during your dental checkups, and the earlier we can catch a root canal problem, the better.

Once you come to your appointment, we will numb your mouth and our endodontist will get to work removing the damaged pulp. They make an opening inside of your tooth, and then begin to clean the pulp out and prepare the space for being filled in.

After the tooth is clean, a material called gutta-percha is put into the pulp-free tooth. Gutta-percha is almost like rubber, and it is filled into the tooth with glue-like cement. This mixture allows the root canal to completely seal itself and remain secure, as well as impervious to any infections that might happen later. That is it and once the adhesive seals, our dentist will place a crown on your tooth to protect it from any more damage. Typically, this is done a few days after the procedure however, there should be no pain in the waiting period.

After the Procedure

Once you go through the root canal procedure but before you get the crown fitted on your tooth, you will need to be extra careful with it. The unprotected tooth can fracture and break if it is not protected properly, and you should not bite or chew too hard on the tooth until it is properly crowned. Soft foods can help with this, as well as cool foods that will not burn your mouth. It is recommended to stay away from hard foods like candy during the healing process.

Once the crown is installed properly, the tooth will last as long as other teeth and can be treated like any other tooth. Sometimes there is a bit of inflammation after the procedure is done, and occasionally an uneven bite might develop. We will check in with you during a follow-up investigation to make sure that your tooth is fine.

Getting a Root Canal certainly does not have to be painful or very complicated. All it requires is a few visits to us, and our dentist and endodontist will be able to fix your root canal up. If you would like to schedule a root canal treatment to fix up your mouth, please call All Star Dental & Implant Center at (808) 808-1606 to get the process started. Our dentists would love to work with you!

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