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Night guard

Close up of a simple mouthguard being held up by an excited white womanGrinding your teeth is an very bad for your teeth and it can also problems with your smile while also causing issues in the future for your teeth. Grinding teeth against one another has the same effect as waves crashing against a mountain. Eventually, it all just fades away into dust. But has the perfect solution in the form of night mouthguards.

Fighting Bruxism

Bruxism is when you (consciously or unconsciously) grind or clench your teeth together. Some people are aware that they do it, while others are unaware. But if you wake up with headaches, pain in the face and jaw, and fatigue, you might be grinding your teeth.

This can lead to broken teeth, the stripping on enamel, and even tooth loss. It is very important to reduce the grinding that you are doing. One of the ways to reduce grinding is to use a night mouth guard.

Using a Nightguard

Nightguards are very similar to sports mouthguards, and often come in the ‘boil and bite’ type. You can usually find them at most sporting goods stores and you simply boil the hard plastic in warm water, and once it is soft, bite down on it and form it to the shape of your teeth and mouth. Once you have performed this process, then you place the night guard in your mouth while you sleep.

As you sleep and unconsciously grind your teeth together, the guard lightens the tension in your mouth and keeps your teeth from making contact with one another. This will prevent the jaw and face pain that you wake up with and will also make sure you are stripping your teeth of enamel.

Types of Nightguards

The first and most common type of night guard is the soft nightguard, which often works if you are only a mild grinder. It is comfortable, low cost, and pretty easy to get used to once you use it for the first few nights.

There are also hard nightguards that are for people who compulsively grind their teeth on a regular basis. These night guards are very durable and often made from acrylic. They are very rigid and are the best at keeping your teeth away from one another but are also very thick and slightly harder to get used to.

Depending on how severely you grind your teeth, you will need a night guard with the right amount of thickness. After sleeping with it in for a few nights, you should see a reduction in the symptoms of teeth grinding. Making them a habit and wearing them even when you are not sleeping can be a good way of making sure that you get used to them.

Grinding your teeth can cause real issues if the problem is not caught and stopped early, and a good night guard might be the best solution to the problem

If you have any questions about which nightguard is the best for you, or about the symptoms of teeth grinding, then please contact All Star Dental & Implant Center at (808) 808-1606 and we would be happy to help you out.

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