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Close up of a woman putting clear aligner on her teethEveryone remembers how unsightly braces are, especially since you often get them at a very young age. Braces are designed to properly align your teeth and prevent any crookedness or damage to your bite. Traditional braces can also be very noticeable whenever you smile due to the metal wiring. Well, All Star Dental & Implant Center has the solution to your troubles, giving you the benefits of a set of braces, with the clarity of a crystal-clear smile.

Invisalign® is a set of clear aligners that help you align your teeth together, while also making sure that you can smile confidently while the process is going on. They are also more comfortable than traditional braces.

How do they work?

We will take a mold of your teeth in the office and then create a digital scan of your mouth. That scan will then be fed into a computer, which changes the way your mouth looks to your desired result. Then stages are shown that will get your teeth from where they are now to where you want them to be.

We create personalized aligners for each stage, and then have you wear each set of aligners for a 22 day period. Over time, the aligners help to move your teeth into position, and after a period of 13 months, your teeth will have shifted to where you want them to be.

Dailly life with Aligners

If you are wearing aligners for the period, then you need to have them in for 22 hours of the day. They should only be taken out while eating, brushing, and flossing, as these actions will damage the aligners. Otherwise, they should stay in your mouth. Due to the convenience of these types of braces, more and more people are moving toward Invisalign.

Upon starting to use the aligners or switching to a new set after 22 days, your mouth might feel a bit uncomfortable as your teeth get used to being forced into a new shape. Still, you should not feel pain when wearing aligners, and if you do contact us immediately. We will check to make sure nothing is wrong and there is not any undue pressure on any of your teeth.

Using Invisalign

Invisalign is one of the largest names in aligners right now, and for good reason. Their aligners are almost invisible to the naked eye, they are easy to remove, and they do not move your teeth as abruptly, so you are more comfortable throughout the realignment process.

Due to this, they also require fewer visits to one of our offices, and the treatment time is about the same as braces. We recommend Invisalign for anyone wanting to change the shape of their smile. The procedure works, and it is well worth the price tag.

If you would like to schedule treatment to see if Invisalign will work for your smile and your goals on how you want your smile to look like, then please call us at All Star Dental & Implant Center at (808) 808-1606 today and we can help you get the process started. Then 13 months from now you will have straight and perfectly aligned teeth!

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