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Dental Filling

3D rendering of three teeth each with a different dental filling material: composite, amalgam, and goldNo one likes getting a cavity, it can at times be very painful and hard to chew. After we determine that you have a cavity, the next thing that happens is usually a filling. All Star Dental & Implant Center knows exactly how to treat a cavity and get their patients on their way.

Fillings fill in the hole that a cavity has decayed out of the tooth. Whenever you get a cavity it means that bacteria have rotted away a section of your tooth and that rot has created a hole. This is where the filling comes in.

How Do Fillings Work?

When you come into our offices to get a filling repaired, we will first numb your mouth with anesthetic to make sure you do not feel anything. Then we will get to work removing the decayed area inside the tooth. This can be done with lasers or with a typical drill.

Once the decay has been removed, we will test out the decayed area to make sure we have cleared away everything. Then we will clean the area to remove any last bacteria inside the hole. After the cavity has been entirely cleaned and sanitized, we will put it in the filling.

The filling is placed into the hole in layers, and then the layers harden together to fill in the hole. After the hole is filled up, we will trim the material and make sure no excess is peeking out and polish the tooth.

Different types of fillings.

You can fill your teeth with several different types of materials, from tooth-colored filling to gold and silver. Naturally, this will affect the price of the filling, as filling in a tooth with gold is much harder than filling them with porcelain.

Using gold as a filler does have a number of advantages. Cast gold is stronger than it looks and has a durability of about ten to fifteen years. It will not corrode and also will not get ruined as you chew. Plus, every time you smile, you will see it.

Another popular type of filling is porcelain or other ceramic materials. Porcelain is the most popular type of filling. These filings are expensive like gold, but they are resistant to stains and can last for up to fifteen years. However, they can also be slightly abrasive and rougher on your mouth, so getting a lot of them can pose a problem if you bite down too hard.

Most people tend to go with the tooth-colored filling, as they make your teeth look like real teeth to the point that nobody can tell they are not your real teeth. They also seamlessly bond to the structure of your tooth to strengthen it and can also be used to fix other forms of mouth damage like chipped or broken teeth.

Getting a cavity is no fun, but having a filling installed can fix the rotted tooth damage. Plus, you might even get to choose what filling you want to have installed to replace it. If you have a cavity or need fillings to fix chipped teeth, then please call All Star Dental & Implant Center at (808) 808-1606 today.

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