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Dental Bridge

3D rendering of a dental bridge being placed over a missing tooth gap that is flanked by two shaved down teethIf you have missing teeth due to an accident, tooth decay, or other dental reasons, chances are you need a bridge to replace them. Much like the name a dental bridge, bridges the gap between your missing teeth. All Star Dental & Implant Center knows exactly how to bridge a gap for their patients, and we will be able to help you out.

What a Dental Bridge is

Dental bridges place crowns on either side of the gap in your smile, and those teeth anchor a fake tooth in between them. Then the gap is filled, and you can get all the benefits of having a mouth full of teeth again.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are three types of dental bridges we might recommend when you come to see us for your consolation. The first type, a traditional bridge, is very common. We place two crowns on the teeth that are straddling the gap, and between them is a fake tooth. Typically, the fake tooth is made of metal and porcelain, so it looks the same as all the other teeth.

The second type of bridge is a Cantilever bridge, which is used when you have only one tooth next to the gap. If you are missing two teeth at once, then this is the bridge for you! The process is exactly the same as traditional bridges, but we do not do it for the back of the mouth, only for the front.

The third and final type of bridge is a Maryland Bonded Bridge. It works just like a traditional bridge but has a framework of metal on the backs of the two dental crowns. This helps the bridge bond to your teeth better.

How to get a bridge

No matter what bridge you end up choosing, we start by preparing the teeth next to the gap so they can be crowned. We remove enamel and check to make sure your teeth are healthy. Then we make an impression of your mouth so the bridge can be prepared. You will wear a temporary bridge until this is done.

You will come back for a second visit, and we will get rid of the temporary bridge and place the new bridge into the gap. We will adjust it and make sure it fits properly, and then you will be good to go once we cement it in place.

Life with a bridge

A good dental bridge can last about 15 years if you take good care of your mouth and teeth. Brushing and flossing twice daily will allow the bridge to last. As long as you keep the teeth around the gap healthy, then the bridge will remain in place and you will continue to see all the benefits.

You might have to come in to get the bridge checked and adjust the bite, but other than that you will be all good! No matter what type of bridge you need, our dentistry is here to help. Please set up an appointment by calling All Star Dental & Implant Center at (808) 808-1606 and we will be happy to help discuss your bridge options with you.

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